Monday, August 25, 2008

creation of atlas of colour

Within the 2nd week we were taught the basis of colour theory in architecture. For an exterior of a building to include colour but still look beautiful and in proportion there are four different colour combinations that they should abide by. These include harmony, rythm, balance and contrast and proportion. Here are some buildings that fall under these catagories...

and these were my versions of harmony, rhythm, balance and contrast and proportion within buildings.

Reflections of "Atlas of Colour" workshop
I enjoyed all of the colour theory within this workshop. It was interesting to see how colour is used in our everyday lives and how much we subconsciously react to it. Most of the activities were insightful and fun and I thought the 49 veils were beautiful. Overall I found the production of the atlas long and tiresome. i also found a challenge in trying to provide navigation in my atlas but in the end I was happy with what I produced.

Atlas of colour

The creation of my atlas of colour was intense and took many long hours!
The cover of my atlas was made from all of the red scrap material i could find in my sewing. I sewed all of this scrap material onto a larger piece of material and wrapped it around, binding it with a japanese method.

here are a couple of pictures of my final product.
i tried to experiment with different types of materials including transparencies and tissue paper.