Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Architectural Drawing

First Week
Within the first week we spent most of our time being introduced to the tools with which one should use when producing architectural drawings. We then also produced our own section, elevation and plan of a tea cup and saucer.

Second Week
This week we learnt about perspective drawings and how to set these drawings up. We then attempted to drop the building we had chosen for our main project (in my case the Botta house) into a perspective drawing that was given to us.

Third Week
The third week was when our in class exercises were due. For the first bit of the workshop we had a look at the finished perspective and tea cup drawings everyone had produced. From here we did a mock up of our final project drawings. We also did an exercise were we added depth to an elevation through adding shade. I found this exercise very hard but intriguing.

Unfortunately I was unable to get any photos for these exercises.

Fourth Week

Our major works were due this week. I did the botta house and within my drawings i tried to produce the sharpness of geometric forms that make up the house. I thought the house was so geometrically shaped, with such precise lines that in my mind to represent this house i would have to represent these aspects. Here is what I produced

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