Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fluid thoughts to Action

First Week
Within the first week we trekked down to the opera house to draw the iconic building through our own eyes. Firstly we tried drawing a part of the building allowing only 5% of our page to be sky.

Secondly we drew the opera house whilst changing our perspective every 10 minutes by moving 20 meters along the board walk. Here’s what I produced.

During the actual week we had to draw each morning and night parts of our room. Here are some of my drawings from that week.

We also had to pair up and you had to write a blurb of a space describing the light and tone. From this we had to draw our perception of our partners space.

Here is the description i had to work from:
"The space is of a large void that creates an empty, dark feeling at initial gaze. However, there exists a variety of small passageways that lead to unknown, mysterious places which emit bright, beaming lights heavily down against the floors of the passages that permeate subtly into the dark, desolate void of space. The contrast of a singular large, empty area with multiple enclosed passageways distorts a sense of scale from whether the place is open or claustrophobic, perhaps it is both. What is certain is that the space as a whole engulfs those within to feel a sense of overwhelming, monumental power as one observes the panorama of the space as a whole. Time is disoriented; the large, gloomy space is perhaps created by the extreme overcast that penetrates subtle natural light through windows, which is greatly juxtaposed against the beams of artificial lighting made from the mysterious passageways. The space is monumental and empty, yet tranquil and silent. "

Second Week
We continued with drawing whilst changing our perspective in class this week. Except this time we concentrated on still life objects such as bottle, cups, scarves and toy drums. The constant change of perspective made us try and show the motion of the objects movement around the table within our work.

We also drew the view looking out the of level 6 of the red centre, trying to show two different perspectives (close and far away).

Throughout the week we had to draw a house or structure in the morning and night light each day. Here are some of my drawings

Third Week
Within this week we did a couple of group works. One was an exquisite corpse, where the first person of the group drew a picture and then sent only a small part of this picture to the second person. The second person then drew a picture using this part of the first picture. They then sent part of their picture to the next person and the process continued on until everyone in the group had created a picture. I thought of it as Chinese whispers but with pictures!

The other group task was to all draw the same part of the room in the red centre and combine the images together to make a multiple view point drawing.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of these tasks :(

Through out that week we were asks to draw an interior and exterior each day in the morning and night. Here are some of these drawings.

Fourth Week
This week we presented our drawings in a folder we had to make ourselves. This is what my end production looked like.

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